Adolescent Development


The Justice System

Below are some ongoing projects in the lab related to my interest in adolescent development and the juvenile justice system.

Constructive Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile or Criminal Justice System. Using the Pathways to Desistance dataset, a longitudinal survey of youth involved in the justice system for a felony or misdemeanor weapons or sexual assault offense(s), this project examines expectations for success in work, family, and law-abiding behavior as well as actual engagement in gainful activities (e.g., school and work) for youth involved in the justice system for a serious offense. We assess how friends and romantic partners may influence these expectations for and engagement in constructive outcomes.

Juvenile Confinement Facilities. Using the Performance-based Standard data (PbS), I am working with Faith Mayhew to investigate the relationship between family visitation and suicidal/behavioral incidents in juvenile confinement facilities.

Maternal Perspectives of Fairness. Funded by the Schapiro Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) this project explored maternal perspectives related to justice system sanctions for their son. It involves analyzing semi-structured qualitative interviews with mothers.