Alyssa Mikytuck, MPP, PhD

Dr. Alyssa Mikytuck is an Assistant Professor of Developmental and Community Psychology in the Psychology and Neuroscience department of Randolph-Macon College. She earned BAs with distinction in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Virginia (wahoowa!), a Master of Public Policy from the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown, and a PhD in developmental psychology from Georgetown University. She also completed post-doctoral training at the University of Virginia's Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative in the Social and Decision Analytics Division. 

Dr. Mikytuck uses both quantitative and qualitative methods with diverse data sources (e.g., administrative data, surveys, interviews, etc.) to conduct policy-relevant research. One line of her research focuses on developmentally appropriate justice interventions for adolescents and young adults. Another line of her research centers on sharing and reusing research to promote open science principles.

Outside of her teaching and scholarly interests, Dr. Mikytuck can frequently be found cuddled up with her cat watching the latest episode of reality TV.